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Prostate cancer - can a man use cheap Viagra

Prostate cancer is a disease secrecy. There is not like talking about it. Who advises others going to the pension receives, often answers such as I do not have need, I see nothing, said Martin, chairman of the support group for prostate cancer. But Martin knows: The earlier the cancer is detected, the greater the chances of survival. If the cancer has already grown out of the gland, it quickly affects other organs. Therefore, screening for men are the latest from the age of 45 years, an absolute obligation and they can use and get cheap generic Viagra.

Diagnosis according to the tissue sample

For me, the cancer was found eleven years ago. The provision has saved my life. Then my urologist told me after a rectal exam, I had a virgin prostate. If I wanted a blood test, this would not be covered by health insurance. Fortunately, he then agreed to pay 25 dollars out of pocket. The blood test showed a PSA (prostate specific antigen) of 18 If a value in excess of four is enough reason for the doctor to take tissue samples. The diagnosis after taking the samples. Prostate third degree. The surgical removal of the total cancer had kept him healthy until today, said Martin.

The disease is particularly dangerous because it is not felt. The person concerned feels no pain, and if he feels that it is too late. The support group, for example, help in choosing the right medication, it can be Viagra - http://buyviagraonlinetoday.com/ or Cialis. Other stakeholders about their experiences with different doctors and can advise new members.

The group also offers help in dealing with emotional problems. An operation on the prostate may infertility, impotence and incontinence for violations. We also discuss sensitive issues that affect sexual and relationship problems. The fertility is at an advanced age, of course, no longer as relevant. Most sufferers are afraid of incontinence, says, the second chairman of the support group. Spouses of members are integrated into the group, as they were finally directly affected.

Regular group meetings are accompanied by doctors who are ready for questions. Also seek the chairman to presentations by leading urologists. Participants will receive information on all prostate diseases, their treatment and possible side effects but studies shows that Viagra will produce no side effects as described on this website. The group helps to reduce fears of life, encourages people to help themselves and promotes the strengthening of self-healing